How To Test In Ear Monitors With MiEMi™ ?

La solution pour mesurer les systèmes d'écoutes individuels (In Ear) rendu aisée !

For this guide I’m assuming you have a functional measurement system & sound card set up. Make sure you’ve cleaned any goo or wax out of your IEM’s as this will affect your measurements.

For those that prefer to watch a video demonstration

First thing to do is sit MiEMi™on top of your measurement mic and make sure it’s inserted all the way. Then push the end of the rubber coupler back in on itself. Push the IEM into the rubber coupler as far as it will go (see photos). It’s important to push the IEM’s in as far as you can into the coupler. MiEMi has a 12mm long canal giving a half wave cancellation at around 13Khz just like an IEC711 ear simulator, so increasing the distance between the IEM & MiEMi™ changes the effective length of the canal.

Commander MiEMi cart